Entrepreneur and Employee Training & Development

PathWays Institute is designed to serve young people (17-25 years old). Our purpose is to first understand the goals of each person as it relates to their future Path; and second, assist them in finding Ways to increase the potential for a successful journey.

To accomplish this mission, we provide education, training, and multiple forms of post-support for the participants. 

Some of this is provided directly by the PathWays Institute. In addition, some of the education, training, and support is accomplished through collaboration with private third-party resources, related public organizations, and government entities.

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Our Services:

M2R's various coaching & training methods include:

• On-site instruction

• Video teleconferencing instruction

• Online instruction

• Social media instruction

Flexibility in the delivery methods is an advantage for the participants. The combination of on-site instruction with other virtual methods allows participants to more readily balance other commitments, such as family, jobs, etc. 

In addition, the availability of video, web, and social media will allow for continued training in the event of any disruptions due to social-distancing requirements or other temporary disruptions.


Financial Literacy & Economic Empowerment

" To sustain social stability and prosperity, it is extremely important to increase the levels of available practical education and training. The greatest hurdle in this mission is the need for increased talent and skills development for young people"

Phil Claybrooke, CEO - M2R, Inc 

"Diversity builds strength... But, a culture of inclusion builds success & sustainability"


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